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Thinning Hair?!?



ok so I've been noticing my hair thinning and at first I thought I was hallucinating but now I'm sure. It's not noticable to anyone but me yet, but I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else on accutane. If so, is it permanent? Will it keep thinning or will it stop soon? My hair is my crowning glory, If I can't have good skin I have to have good hair, and I'm not willing to lose it all over accutane! Please help!!!

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It could be it appears to be thinner because accutane sucks out all the oil in your entire body including your hair follicles (that is why on accutane i could go for a week without having to shower my hair- dont worry i never actually did that!) but maybe ask your doctor if it is normal to have it appear thinner? I dont think accutane really thins your hair...my sister has the thickest of thickest hair and it didnt change a bit when she went on accutane (yes acne runs that bad in my family that we were both on the drug, thankfully for her it got amazing and for me it went downhill)

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