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25 Years Old, 10 Years Later... And I'm Still Dealing With Acne.



I so happy I am finally documenting my struggles with acne. I'm doing this to help me remember what I have tried to rid myself of acne :(

I have had acne since I was 15, I have had times where my acne wasn't bad, but it has always been a part of me. I’m starting this blog to document what I have tried, in hopes this will help me figure out what pisses off my skin.

Right now I am experiencing a horrible breakout of cysts on my chin. I have not had more than one cyst on my face at one time since probably high school, so now I am really beginning to freak out that the cysts are back randomly.

I have tried numerous rx and products in hopes of finally getting clear but most have failed, It’s been longer than I can remember since I have been completely clear, I want to say 2005, maaaybe.

So let’s start with my goal


to go as 'green' as possible- I'm all about the less chemicals and harm I can do to my body the better. I'm done with prescriptions, I know I can do this the natural way, and I have never tried accutane, although at this point I am so tempted!!

My HG Regime would consist of....

I am looking for as healthy products as possible, if they are not 100% green to make me 100% clear with the exception of a few non-green ingredients.

* Daily Moisturizer w/SPF 30+ (at least 30)

* Daily use Nighttime Moisturizer

* Daily use under eye cream for aging, and dark circles

* once or twice weekly exfoliation of some sort to encourage cell turnover, and remove dead skin

* Weekly Facial Mask (To rejuvenate, and refresh=)

* Spot treatment ( For those pesky spots, use for overnight)

* All this and something to treat my scarring, but it’s hard to treat my scars as I am still dealing with acne.

My Current Regime...

Really not so great. I admit I have not been using products 100% how you are suppose to be using them, also I am guilty of switching things often because I get impatient with no results. But this does not always apply. I did a 9 month cycle of RETIN-A MICRO, but it was horrible Along with.Differin, Epiduo, Azelex, ok nothing was amazing. Ok now getting to my point... Currently I am

Washing, sometimes just splashing my face with water in the A.M. Using a gentle cleanser from Trader Joe's, alternating some mornings using Dermify(sulfur based)

Heres the cleansers I use

* Dermify face wash

* Trader Joe's Cleanser

* Free and Clear

* Toner- Witch Hazel, and tea tree water spray


Oil of Olay daily facial moisturizer for sensitive skin spf 15

Make up

I hATE my makeup routine now, My face always looks like shit, pores are defined and so are impurities,, PLEASE help me in this department. I can’t leave my house without makeup; my dream would be to never have to put the stuff on my face again.

* MAC Face and Body

* Set with physician Formula multi colored pressed powder

* Bare Minerals to spot concealing

* NARS Laguna Bronzer

I have been using liquid/ mainly light coverage or even tinted moisturizers because I like the natural look and don’t like to look like I’m wearing makeup, just need to conceal, and even out my skin. I want to find a healthy green makeup, preferably powder now. I think my skin actually does better with powder or minerals and it’s time to ditch the liquid. I ordered the mineral makeup from Amway Artistry, we'll see.

Night Moisturizer

* YES to cucumbers nighttime

* some nights using MAKEUP ARTIST CHOICE BRAND Rosehips Scar cream

to be continued.... Concluding I THINK FISH OIL IS MY cyst culprit.

I am going to list my diet and supplements in the next entry, and will begin to stop everything I do and slowly introducing them back and see what happens. I have never had the patience to do his before.... DAMNITT!!! Let’s see what happens.


Dear Rambetti, try Probiotic Action, is an all natural, water base, does not contain harsh chemicals. Like nothing elese before. Actually, is a 5 year product discovered in Europe and now available in the web. Do not get confused wit Lactobacilus (yogurt) used internally!

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