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2 Month Update (Approx): The Body Shop, Stress, Exc..



I know this is a little early- but I have finals next week and I won't be able to post a longer post!

Lots of changes recently- I've gone to a new facial system! Its by the Body Shop, and its the Tea Tree line. I use the facial wash, toner and facial lotion. I'm still using my acne medications that were prescribed to me:

Clinamycin Lotion 1%

Tretinoin .05%

I'm also using my Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture (thats what it says on the bottle?) SPF 15.

I really like the Body shop line, but its kind of pricey. I got it all in a kit for $15, which is a complete steal! You can look at the Body Shop by typing it in on Google. The reviews for these products are AMAZING, and I do enjoy them. I don't know if they help clear acne though, because I am on the prescriptions. They also smell odd, but I like the feel after I wash my face.

My skin has been pretty good- my zits go away and I don't get nearly as many anymore. My skin just looks better, and I don't find myself worrying about it as much. I have really bad anxiety and having acne was adding to it.

By the way- I wanted to make something clear: I DO NOT have severe acne. My acne has always been moderate or mild. I get pustules and blackheads- not cysts or anything like that. I am very fortunate because my skin is pretty good, but I am extremely fair (think lily collins- I believe thats her name...she's british and has red hair.) The scars turn odd colors and don't fade for YEARS. I also don't wear any type of face makeup, other than concealer under my eyes. I apologize for not explaining this sooner!

Hmm..., Finals are coming up, so I'm expecting a few new breakouts. After that, I'm out of school for a while which is awesome! The summer time is always a pretty good time for my skin, but I don't think I'm going off the acne medications. I want to keep it consistent.

do you have any good acne wash suggestions? If so, tell me and I'd love to try them out!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment!


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