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Fed Up And Worn Down

Liam Foster


So just when you think and feel that your acne is improving slightly and things may be looking up, things come tumbling down again. I have been on doxy for just a month now and it has been pretty well. I also have been using clean and clear advantage wash etc at night which is ok. Some improvement mostly on my cheeks, still have really noticable post acne marks which just looks like acne so that sucks. But my forehead seems like nothing will ever work!!! 10% BP wont even budge the pimples and cysts, nothing will. Its horrible, because on hot days i have to put my fringe over my forehead so it doesnt show and that just sucks. I thought things were getting better and felt a bit of my old self however a family member commented on them tonight saying he thought i got rid of my acne but its still there. Basically meaning he can see my face is fucking awful! I cant even go outside i feel so ashamed! On a nice summer day im stuck inside. Really draining me to the point of just allowing my acne just to take over. I am on my last legs with it. I go back to uni soon and wanted my face to be clear by then but that definitely isnt going to happen. FUCKING SICK OF THIS SHIT!! WHY WONT THEY JUST GO!!!! If the ones on my forehead went id be happy but they wont!!!!!


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I am in the same position as you..except its all over my cheeks and they wont budge! same thing also happend to me yesterday- family member commented asking me what happened you were doing so well i thought it went away? all i could do was shrug and say yea, i did too. it really does suck...but we cant let it take over cuz that just makes the whole thing worse! we gotta pick our heads up and tell ourselves its gonna be okay eventually and thank g-d if we can make it through this we can make it through any tough situation. noone knows what its like to battle until youve battled acne.

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Exactly my response as well. And i keep telling myself that, nobody knows what it is like suffering from severe acne until they have! People moan about a few little spots on there chin and think they have suffered from it all. I'd kill just to have that. I don't know what i am doing wrong though. Last week they seemed to be going and healing on my cheeks, and today i woke up and found about 3 new under the skin pimples what are bright red! like wtf! I reckon if i just left my face for a week without doing anything like most of the people i know do, my face would explode with all kinds of acne. I just dont know the cause! I dont even go out anymore, haven't socialised in about 2 months. At the minute im thinking that nothing will make it better

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