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Day Two



It is unlikely I will write posts with such frequency in the future, but for now I am.

Today is my second day on isotretinoin. Already, my face has blossomed into a brightly coloured patchwork of youth and joviality - of course, indirectly, as they are implied by the horrid state of my acne! Nothing has changed in my sentiment, diet, or circumstance since two days ago, so it must be the treatment.

I hadn't gotten such bright spots of terror in eons, but today, honestly, all of the netherworld broke loose and in a bloody haste. The dosage I was given is higher because, as I mentioned earlier, I won't be able to run a full five or six month program. Perhaps this is the reason.

It doesn't bother me a whole lot, having my face lit up. This is probably because the guys I'm working with are incredibly down to earth and super awesome. This may be so because I've partly internalized the perhaps too-unforgiving, but nevertheless comforting, notion that those who are worth knowing see beyond ones skin.

In any case, I hope the ostensible immediacy of the treatment's effect is indication that the upswing will be as or comparably brusque. Of course, I'm not holding my breath.

As an aside, I went to the gym today and worked out with a blind fury! Felt great and I shan't let anything, least of all accutane, affect me.


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