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Still NO CHANGE. Why the F*** does this have to be happening right now to me? I walk around the mall and just see clear face after clear face of beautiful women,.. and even if they arent beautiful, they still have such amazing clear skin. And I walk around and i feel like i have a gross disease the way my face is so broken out with spots and cysts. Its disgusting. over the weekend this autistic kid that lives down the block from me says "wow you have alot of pimples on your face" thanks kid I DIDNT REALIZE. as if i wasnt already feeling shitty about it, that really set me off. I canceled my plans with my friends tonight cuz im so embarrassed at how awful i look since they last saw me before we parted ways for school. I am leaving in 5 weeks to go abroad and if my face isnt clear by then i will be absolutely utterly and completely MISERABLE.


Still none really. except that my cheeks now have all these spots that really hurt when i wash my face. I cant help but constantly touch and try and see if maybe its flattening. thats probably making it worse and i should stop. I have still been good about not picking although i was bad tonight and after my shower i popped a couple. shit whyd i do that?? i really dont want to deal with scars! F***!!!!!!


I love this website because sometimes ppl say things that describe the exact way you're feeling. I felt this same exact way this whole day and am trying to do the same as you and just let my skin be. I'm using African Black Soap which has worked wonders for me, except the purging period i'm almost out of. My skin has greatly improved and i'm trying to stay patient and wait for the rest to clear up but its sooooo hard!!!! seeing everyone else with beautiful skin why did I have to be stuck with problem skin! I know exactly how you feel and you know what, it really does suck and makes you so mad sometimes you dont wanna do anything or see anyone. Each day turns into a fight against your own self esteem.

Acne sufferers are probably a lot stronger than everyday ppl on the streets. We have built up endurance, we suffer a private battle while taking on the world everyday. We succeed within ourselves and have to conquer the negative hurtful thoughts we and even others bring to ourselves. Maybe you'd like to try something with me? IDK what regimen you're on but let's make a goal for a whole week not to pick or pop or look at our faces in the mirror at all. NO negative thoughts! Let's try to stay positive and just ignore our skin altogether and when we check back in a week, (05/29) we'll see what progress our skin has made. YOU IN?!?!

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I am so in tink! I love this idea and it is so true what you've said its so funny i just read this now after posting a comment on someone else's blog saying how no one knows what its like to battle until youve battled acne...and how much stronger it really makes us in the real world. I really do believe everything you said and I am all for turning this around for a week and just not looking and trying not to think about it. But I am going to cheat a little for when i put on my makeup in the morning. I do find that it covers nicely and gives me that extra kick of self esteem that is really necessary when battling a case like yours and mine.

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