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Day 70-60Mg



Ok so it's going really good lately so I haven't been on the site much or thinking about my skin as much as I used to which is a relief. I typing from my new iPad!! Whoo I love it.

I was a little more self conscious this weekend bc I had my little cousins stay over and they are 12 and 13 and have very clear skin. It was just weird going out and being the older person whose complexion has spots and marks. But we had so much fun, at this age they are hilarious.

Skin: overall doing amazingly well. I have maybe 2 small small spots. My main thing now is marks marks marks and more marks. I got some unintential sun this weekend, I put on sunscreen but it didn't keep the mild redness from my face- I just hope it doesn't peel like super crazy. I'm also mad that I got a burn bc now my marks will be darker and take super long to fade when I turn back to my usual pale self, I'm really really annoyed about that. But joe does everyone do it? Stay out of the sun all summer" this is going to be more challenging than I thought. I'm so nervous about the sun now.

Side effects: dry dry lips, constant aquaphor. Inside nose is so dry and hurts whenever I go near it, I always have a ton of boogers and I don't have allergies or a cold. Slight red raised bumps on right hand that come and go, no big deal. Face not really oily only after 12 hours with makeup but I barely used blotting sheets. Some minor low back pain here and there. Other than that I'm still wearing contacts all the time, not overly tired, no mood swings ect. It's going very well

My Derm told me I'd see better results with 60 and 80 so 60 this month and probably 80 for the last 2 as long as my LFTs and cholesterol stay in check. I'll try to put up pics but they might not be very good with this iPad, most like more forgiving than in person so don't be deceived.


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