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Starting To Lose Hope



so since Friday I've been on The Regimen for 2 months, i use Dan products (his cleaner, treatment, and moisturizer) religiously I have never missed a night or a morning and I never missed one product. everyday i used Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer SPF 15 sensitive skin (recommended by dan) i have a lot of hyperpigmentation and i really don't want it to get darker.

In the beginning everything i read about happened, the dryness, flaking, the reptile looking skin I also broke out a lot i don't wear makeup so i dealt with it cause i knew there was great results at the end of the tunnel. after all the breakout calm down, i didn't worry as much about waking up to find a new pimple. But lately i feel like my skin is at a stand still. Its not as bad as it was before i used the regimen but i personally feel like it not progressing ( maybe it is but not at the rate i want it to sad.png )

Right now my face hurts and i have a lot of under the skin bumps that hurt when i touch them (i have about three right now) before the regimen i never got those i just got whiteheads. And my face is still really dry not flaking but dry. after i wash my face, it feels really tight IS THAT SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN? WILL IT GO AWAY?

I'm at the point now where my regimen kit is running low and I'm debating on whether i should repurchase, my dad buy the kits for me and I've spent a lot of his money on acne products from drugstore to a year using proactive cause i really want to believe it was working. my dad suffered from acne, my mom not so much and my dad feels like the regimen has work but i still breaks out and he feel that if it is "working" i should still break out ( he kind doesn't understand that acne has no cure) but he kinda thinks I'm wasting money and just want me to go to a derm but i really do want the regimen to work cause i did a lot of research on it and seen all the good it has done.



My view on it is that if you think the regimen is working for you, you should stick with it. Even if progression is slower than you may like, if it gets you to where you'd eventually like to be, that's the main thing. Things could really start to turn around in the third month so it may be worth the patience and time. After all, if you move on to something new, you'd essentially be starting again from square one. :)

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Hang in there Kiana. From my own experience of Dan's regimen, I had huge improvements each week from weeks 3 - 7, but then only very minor improvements (if any) from weeks 7 to 10. Everything just seemed at a stand still. Then suddenly around week 11 or so, I completely stopped breaking out and the overall texture of my skin improved (which I put down to commencing using AHA+). It was like I had a completely new face. And because I stopped breaking out, all the pigmentation started to fade. Hooray!

Stick it out...you've got through the first 2 months which is always the hardest so it should be smooth sailing ahead. Oh and the tight skin? - Yep, thats normal.

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