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Day 48 :)



So...I'm pretty pleased right now. My skin is clearing up day by day, I'm pretty sure it's thanks to the regimen, not accutane because I only noticed a difference when I started using the BP. It was like over night every pimple got smaller and has continued ever since. I'm really excited. My skin is NOWHERE near perfect, but it's better, and i'm happy with any improvement. I have only 4 actives right now (which for some seems like alot, but for me that's fricken awesome!) and a whole lotta red marks. My skin heals really quickly though, and fortunately I have never really scarred so heres to hoping they all fade away quickly. For anyone that's on accutane or not, i would reccomend trying the regimen, i only wish i would've tried it sooner. I had used BP before accutane. It was a prescription, 5% and then 10%, but i used it with a salacylic acid face wash and moisturizer. I think it was overdrying for my skin and very irritating. Using it with the cetaphil extra gentle cleanser and Moisturizing cream (not lotion) i barely have any dry spots or flakiness and i love it! So far all of my sisters have complemented me on my skin, my younger sister even got on here and bought dan's regimen kit because she said it was so different. Hopefully things keep getting better and better smile.png here's some new pics


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