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Accutane Week 6/ Face Is A Mine Field



Hey guys! Today is my 6th week on Roaccutane. So I'll start by side effects:

-Never had joint pains and still don't even after going to the gym, so I guess I'm lucky!

-I don't have the dry nose feeling I had in week 3-4, it is dry but not like before.

-Dry lips but still no cracking.

-MOST IMPORTANTLY! Weird red marks on my left arm, dryness. I guess it's from Accutane so I put on some Nivea cream.

Ok, I'm just gonna say it this way: Accutane ruins your face, social life and confidence. (At the beginning) If you're planing on taking it, don't take it if you have something important coming up like a wedding or presentations etc.

Like I said in the title, my face is a mine field. I get bumps and whiteheads everyday, I seriously can't look at my face anymore. Some people always stare at me and tell me what's wrong with my face or what I should use to get rid of it. That doesn't bother me a lot but when people see a person with severe acne they immeadietly think they're dirty or eat shitty food, that bothers me. But in real life, it's the exact opposite! I'm pretty sure my face is cleaner and I eat healthier than most people with clear skin. My confidence is really low and I really want the IB to end, it's been 6 weeks and there's still no progress which is normal but still. :(

I'm not depressed, but not exactly super happy at the same time. I'm just patiently waiting for Accutane to start its magic, slowly, and patiently...


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Hope it clears up in a hurry. I myself have just started the program and am in one of the most pretty-faced towns in the state - I expect I'll be able to sympathize with you in a most fundamental way very soon.

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Hi there :) I hope you don't get an initial breakout like I did, it is depressing. Whenever I feel down I just think about getting a clear face in the future. Good luck :)

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