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Day 15...does The Headaches Ever Stop?



Hello guys:)

Thanks for the comments on the previous post. I asked when my skin would start to improve and 2 people commented that your skin really clears up in your third month. I'm glad I know this because know I have something to look forward to!! At the end of my third month I'm going overseas for 2 weeks so I really really hope that my skin will look better by then!! I'm also trying to cut down on foods like muffins and white bread. I don't think all the sugar helps the headaches. I get one each day know and it's extremely irritating :/ My mom and I talked about the overseas trip today and since we are going to Italy, where it's going to be summer then, I should get a good sunblock. I don't actually get sunburn but someone told me that your acne scars can be sensitive to the sun. So I'd rather be safe than sorry :D Does anyone have experience with this side effect? I'd love to know about it in preparation for my trip. I also have some back pains but it's nothing major... My skin is still red with a few active pimples but no new ones:) I have a pretty sore cyst on my back though. And wearing my school bag on my back kind of presses against it :(



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