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Day 32



the inflamed clogged pores seem to be calming down, but are def still there. i read somewhere else that weeks 4/5 are the worst, which is what i'm right in the middle of now. i also have an inflamed pimple on my chin that will prob turn into a whitehead pretty soon. some parts of my skin look pretty smooth, but when you get close up you can see all these bumps and a gross texture. i just hate how bumpy everything is. maybe that means the retin-a is clearing out my skin...who knows. i just hate that in certain lights/angles my skin looks crazy bumpy...i want to have smooth skin for the summer. i always thought that for people who have good skin texture, a single pimple doesn't make that much of a difference because you can cover it up and the rest of your skin looks good. if i get a pimple and try to cover it up, it looks gross but then the rest of my skin looks less than great too. i'm just not sure how long i want to wait to see results, or if i just switched to a higher dosage right now that i would see final results sooner. i've spent so much time thinking about how my skin used to be perfect, i never needed concealer and was so confident about it that i never thought about it. i would give anything to go back to that...i know your skin changes throughout your life, but mine just looks SO different. it's so disappointing!!


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