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Day 24...added Fiber And Fish Oil



Monday and Tuesday were pretty scary days for me...I guess I got a bit "backed up" somehow (no diet changes so maybe from the accutane?) and I was in the WORST pain..I almost threw up it hurt so bad..so I went to the pharm and got some lax and fiber (Metamucil) supplements..all good now but I'm going to add the fiber to my daily routine just to be safe...I also picked up some high quality fish oil supps for about $24 at the acne clinic so I'm going to start those tomorrow...so now I'm on 60mg claravis(accutane) zinc, probiotics, fish oil, fiber, vitamin c and birth control of course...holy pills!

Skin on face not too dry..keeping it very moisturized with cranberry cream and SPF during the day and hydrating emulsion gel at night..lips crazy dry-applying coconut oil Chapstick and aquaphor religiously and legs and arms have patches of dry skin (eczema?) I've been treating with pharmaceutical grade coconut oil and body butter nightly....my joints feel a little stiff/achy but nothing too bad...

Went for my monthly blood and p-test this morning...crossing my fingers everything goes well...first follow up appt for my second pack of pills is tuesday..dun dun dun!!! Until then...


The same thing happened to me when I started accutane, I seriously didn't go for like 6 days :/ then after that it was like every 3 or 4 days for a month. But I think once your body gets used to (and the fiber will help too) then things go back to normal. Lol I know TMI haha :) Hope things go well for you!

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