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11 May 2012 - Rare Spot/cyst On Cheek Coinciding With Fairly Long Fast And Raw Broccoli.



Last Friday [11, 5, 12] was the last day i had a raw broccoli smoothie [somehow was never sick downing them] in the morning. On that day i ended up going a good few hours, i'd say around 6 hours or so before i ate again. So from the previous day i almost went on a 24 hour broccoli only fast type thing.

On the evening of that friday i noticed some firmness in my cheek which meant i had some kind of spot/cyst developing under there. There was actually minimal, if any, pain which is fairly strange. There was also some mild redness. I treated it for a few days and it never came to a head so to speak, felt slightly larger the next day but never really went anywhere and now its completely gone.

Could of been completely coincidental as with most things but i always seem to associate not eating [fasting] for prolonged periods with getting ill and having these large/cyst type spots. In the past whenever i have got ill it seems to have been after going a long time throughout the day with not eating. Even though all i ever hear is peopel banging on about the wondrous intermittent fasting bs.

I also seem to associate these large under the skin spots/cysts on my cheek with eating or taking probiotics.

Possible causes:

  • Raw Broccoli: Fructans/fibre feeding bad bacteria etc.
  • Goitrogenic affects - doing something to Thyroid etc.
  • Fasting - whatever that does.
  • Fuck knows aka God knows.


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