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Day 13



Hi everyone(:

Sorry for not posting that much recently...been really busy at school!! My dry lips are getting WORSE - I didn't think it was even possible. But its a small price to pay for clear skin :D No new pimples or cysts, but I still have a few active ones which are so tempting to pop!! Ugh... I've also noticed I'm having mild muscle pains, especially at night. But it's not that bad. And then...the headaches!! Each day I have a headache and it's so irritating, because it makes studying almost impossible:( and the exams are near. I just hope that it gets better before the exams or I'll have a huge problem. A friend noticed that I didn't have such a bad breakout like another friend of us who was also on Oratane. So that's a good thing I guess :D

Staying positive



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Hi, I'm on accutane too and its also my 13th day today! Haha that's funny, well I agree with you on the dry lips part, mine are the worst, I've heard drinking a lot of water helps with that, so I'm going to start that. Thanks for posting, I'll definetely be interested to see how your journey compares to mine!

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Thanx for the comment. I know, the lips are so irritating!! But I'll try drinking more water from now on...it helps for my headaches as well :D I hope Oratane is going to work for you xx

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