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Update For May



Hey everyone smile.png

Just a little update for this month. It's a month since I finished taking Doxycycline. Finally tapered off after starting it way back in September last year. Tapering off as gradually as I did has definitely done the trick and I haven't broken out at all. Back when I didn't know any better, stopping antibiotics dead would always trigger cystic acne. So there's a little tip: always taper off antibiotics!

I switched to Cetaphil cleanser about a month ago. I'd never used it before but thought I'd give it a go as I was looking for something gentle and totally fragrance free. It's strange using something that doesn't foam, guess I'd just associated foaming washes with being something that would clean my skin the best. But I know that Cetaphil works because my skin isn't as oily as it once was and it still seems appropriately dry at the end of the day. That's a very welcome change because it takes away that worry of the oiliness visibly building up during the course of the day. Given how gentle it is, switching didn't break me out either which of course is a huge bonus. Love the stuff!

I started taking Zinc again now that the Doxy is out of my system. I quit taking Beta Carotene because it was making my skin orange. People kept asking me if I'd been on holiday. If you live in England where it's still raining and freezing cold in May, an orange tan is pretty noticeable! Beyond that, I was starting to look like an Oompa Loompa and that's not cool. It's about four weeks since I stopped taking it and my skin hasn't gone downhill but the orange tone has reduced quite a lot. Sure the Cetaphil has played a part, too. These days I'm taking, Zinc, Omega 3, Vitamin D and Pantothenic Acid. Got myself a little routine going and it's become habit now.

I still get the odd pimple now and then but they shouldn't really be anything to worry about and I I take care of those with Isotretinoin gel and Sudocrem. I still get the odd touch of eczema but I can keep that at bay by keeping the problem areas moisturised with Jojoba oil. On the odd occasion I've eaten anything which I know I'm intolerant of, I've been able to stop any potential reaction with antihistamines. It's nice to think that I've figured that stuff out and can keep those three aspects of my skin problems under control now.

I was having major problems with picking and over the last year I'd started becoming pretty obsessed with my appearance. Not in a vain way. It was the total opposite really and I just don't like what I see. Having acne made those feelings even worse. Now that I've worked on the things I could change and my picking and time spent in front of the mirror etc. is kind of in-check now, I can start working on accepting the things I can't change; beyond clearing my acne, there's not much else I could do to change my appearance so I've got to learn to like myself and learn to like what I see. If can put that behind me and not let it consume everything, perhaps I can be brave and get out there and meet new people. Either way, I'm free to do other stuff and find work, etc.. Already had a few interviews in the last couple of weeks so that's promising. Even if nothing comes of it straight away, I do at least feel I'm heading in the right direction and working on changing things.

All in all, everything's pretty positive on the skin front these days.



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Yeah, it's good stuff. I'm allergic to BP and haven't been able to use those topicals or stuff like Retin-A for years. Even the lowest percentage stuff would just burn my skin on contact. I mentioned it to my doctor because I was at a loss as to what else I could use on my skin because it seemed like all the over the counter medications have BP in them. He mentioned Isotretinoin gel and explained that, as the name suggests, it's the topical form of Accutane.

It's pretty potent stuff so you have have to be careful with it, but I applied it nightly to the problem areas for a while and started bringing those under control a little, was pleased with the results. Then when things started clearing up because of the diet changes and so on, there's wasn't really any need to be applying the gel on a daily basis as part of my regimen. These days, I tend to use it like an on-the-spot treatment, as and when needed.

If ever I see anyone mention on the message board or on their blog that they can't use BP products, I always mention my experience with the gel because it's good to know that there are alternatives out there and that the prescription strength alternatives do really work. Of course, the gel isn't a permanent solution like the medication can turn out to be for some people, but it can be as strong and there is that bonus of not having the physical symptoms Accutane can sometimes bring such as headaches and nausea, etc..


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