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New Regimen, New Results!



So I havent posted in forever, sorry :( I realized I was becoming obsessive over my acne and worrying so much about it that it was causing more stress and even more break outs! I still havent found a cure but I have found some things out. Maybe they can help you too :)

AS for drinks and food. Ugh! hardest part for me because I love soda and my sweets. As for the soda I try not to drink it at all anymore. If i do have a soda i make sure to drink double the water that day to help flush it out. I still have a dessert or sweets after i eat dinner but I grab the ones with the least amount of sugar! And try not to eat chocolate!!! Eating healthy does help me feel better and in a way I think it helps my face.

When I am done eating breakfast I take 50mg of chelated zinc and I take one after dinner as well. I've just recently started this with in the last two days and no new acne has been popping up. Yes an occassional white head but im clear of aything cystic or painful which Im very happy about. I was getting cystic acne and it was painful and hard to leave alone.

For a cleanser I'm only washing once a day in the shower in the morning. Im using cetaphil mild cleanser. I always make sure to put some in my hand before and wash my hands with it then i add more and apply to my face. After i'm out of the shower I pat dry and use aveeno daily moisturizer. This moisturizer never leaves my face feeling dry and helped put oils back in my face!

If anyone has some suggestions or ideas for me I would love to hear them. And if anyone has a question I'd love to answer it.

Thanks :)


Glad to hear that things are improving and that you're seeing results. It's a good feeling when you start seeing those positive changes and you can attribute to the things you've altered. It starts giving some of that control back and I guess that's what we're all looking for instead of perhaps feeling like everything's dictated by our skin.

I switched to Cetaphil about a month ago. I'd never used it before but thought I'd give it a go as I was looking for something gentle and totally fragrance free. I know that Cetaphil works for me because my skin is in even better shape and isn't as oily as it was. Plus, given how gentle it is, switching didn't break me out and that is of course a huge bonus.


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have you tryed accutane???

and i use aloe vera face soap with Dan's moisterizer and it looks like its helping!!!

Good Luck!!!

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I used to use Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, and never realized it til I found this site, but it's got isopropyl palmitate in it. Very comedogenic! I would always get random skin colored bumps that eventually turned into pimples. So just an FYI if you're noticing break outs and can't explain it. =)

Good idea on skipping out on the sugar. Sugar is a culprit for me too! I buy sugar free snacks now =P

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