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I Dont Think Acv Is Doing Anything.



So I've been taking ACV for atleast the last 6 months. During this period my skin has been good, average and bad. I drink 2 tablespoons with roughly 400mls of water twice a day, usually around dinner then a couple of hours before bed. I dont drink Braggs (Though i did try braggs for the space of a couple of weeks at the end of last year and had a little breakout though i'm not sure of the cause) but i do drink a brand that contains the 'mother' (Melrose for those of you playing at home). I've recently opened a new bottle and I'm thinking when i'm done with this one i'll change things up a bit. I probably wont stop altogether due to the fear that if it is doing something if i stop i'll have some sort of breakout but i think I'm gong to cut back to 2 tablespoons in water with dinner only. Drinking ACV may also contribute to my slightly lower water intake. I usually drink 1.5L during the day and night along with my ACV(Roughly another 800mls of 'water') so I'm not sure if i hit the daily 2L of water required to be healthy and possiblty help to have clear skin. I only drink water and ACV water but I find myself struggling to get more water in at night cause i'm full of ACV. During the day i can easily drink a litre whilst doing whatever but then at night it's ACV time and i dont really fell like drinking much else after i've had my ACV.

On my skin: Since the last update I had a breakout on my forehead, the pimple that popped in the shower last entry that i annoyed kinda came back with vengance, two either side got inflamed and they all threatened to merge into a cyst like thing. I coated it with calamine lotion which i think helped and they slowly went down but now are flaring up a bit again. Why do they always come back in the same places? I also had a couple on my cheeks and my jaw is still being problematic. The breakout may have been due to the new foods i was trying out which is disappointing as I want some new thin s to snack on.

I called a derm that i have a referral to the other day, waiting period for an appointment is roughly 5-6 weeks. I'm going to call a couple of other places to gauge waiting time but I'd like to see one earlier then that. It'll be expensive as my insurance hasnt cleared and i may have to get a new, actually i probably will have to get a new referral if i can get an appointment at another derm. It'll probably be expensive but I'll just have to suck it up.


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