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dude If I had your skin I would beable to completely clear it within a week. Anything can fix that shit bro. What are you taking right now. Look up Vitamin A skin care solution it even beats the fuck out of accutane with any side affects.

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I'm using clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel its a prescription it helped with some of my acne but not all iv been using it for a few months now I'm gonna have to get something else cause its losing its effect but besides that I'm between cleansers and scrubs I'm always trying new stuff. i got neutrogena clear pore cleanser mask i use it sometimes not everyday and clean and clear invigorating morning cleanser but nothing is even touching these white things on the one side of my face i don't think there whiteheads ill put a pic up.

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I looked up Vitamin A skin care solution, It brought up alot of products that contain vitamin A, Should i get something with vitamin A in it.

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