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Day 91 - Week 13



So it's been quite some time since I last posted and thats because not alot has happened for me to be updating. I'll fill you in anyway. Same old buldging cysts, and when I feel like my face is semi decent and they're starting to disappear, another comes along. I can most definately say I have come along way from where I was before I started accutane. There was not a single spot on my face that was not covered with acne/cyst and how red it was. I've noticed that the pimples are limited to my face so my back and shoulders are clear of them and the scars there are beginning to be less noticable which is great considering summer is here. Feeling dry as per usual - therefore been using all the same products ( cetaphil cleansing moisturizer, Eucerin daily moisturizer, The Body Shop lip balm SPF 15 & Vit. E). Nose is not as dry as it once was but still am applying vaseline. My hands and lower arms had mild eczema but disappeared as I continually moisturizer and now there is nothing there. I watch myself when Im in the sun whether it be for a drive or just walking, the SPF is going on or I try to cover up with a light cardigan - seriously feeling like some sort of vampire jeeze. I cannot wait for those days to be over and I can live a normal life - social drinking, some Vitamin D exposure, not watching what I eat and wonder will this affect me drastically etc. Today and for a few days now, my face is actually looking like its going some where. It is not as red the scars are looking like they're going down. Im hoping month 4 will finally make a huge difference between the cysts/acne, redness and scars. Fingers crossed. Also, if you are wondering about side effects - dry, dry dry. That is all. no headaches, no joint pain, no bowel problems, no pyschological problems. All is good!


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