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Uugghhh...day 42



NOOOOO improvement...when will it get better? I feel like i'm destroying my body on accutane but it would be worth it if i saw some improvement. NOTHING. grrrr...i bought some BP tonight, i'm gonna do the regimen on accutane cos i feel like ok, something has to work. I wish i knew what it was that was causing all this. One year ago my skin was FINE! what changed? what am i doing differently? I wish ii could pinpoint it, then at least i would know what i needed to change. it's just really frustrating. ...oh well...no use complaining. I have a family that adores me, friends that don't even see my acne. I need to be grateful. I've never felt like a vain person until now. If ANYONE knows ANYTHING that may help or has helped them, please send me some suggestions cos i am sick of this crap :(


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Try adding zinc, fish oil, an probiotic supplaments to your diet..I'm on the zinc and probiotic I'll prob start the fish oil too though (recommended by acne clinic) what makeup do you use on your face?

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I've also been recommended to cut dairy and iodide containing foods (can get a list on google) but I don't hve the willpower for that yet....

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It could be a number of things, from hormones, to getting older, maybe change in lifestyle, stress, I mean its near impossible to pinpoint why we get acne. I think its probably especially frusturating for you since you said you didn't have acne just a year ago and have it now. But, stay strong, you are lucky you are on accutane and you'll be at month 2 before you know it! I hope it all works out for you! By the way i'm on day 12 on accutane smile.png

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