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Day 5- Headaches?...



Here I am on day 5. Nothing new to report. I didn't think there would be much to say yet regardless.

Except I have been getting the worst headaches, i have just been trying to drink heaps of water. Doesn't seem to be working, but I hate taking painkillers. I'll see how it goes I guess? :(

I was thinking I might just share my skin are routine.

I am religiously moisturising my skin to try to prevent the dryness onset. So far so good, but as I said only on day 5.

In the mornings I :

- wash my face with cetaphyl twice, massaging it in little circles. Its not a drying wash and is pH balanced so washing it twice isn't a problem.

- moisturise my face with Cetaphyl 'DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion'. This is great, my skin really soaks it in!

- then follow my usual make up steps if in going out, if not I'll leave my skin to breathe!

At night I :

- shower and wash my body with Alpha Keri 'Dry Skin Care, Wash', this lathers slightly, but not much , which I like.

- wash my face twice with Cetaphyl, once to remove the make up, the second time to wash the skin.

- moisturise my body with Alpha Keri ' Intensive, Rich Cream' this will stop the dry patches on my body hopefully.

- then I put on a lot of my Cetaphyl Ultra Hydrating Lotion.

I'm not using a spot treatment at the moment because I want to see if the accutane is working.

Also I'm applying lip balm like a crazy person, I'm heading towards 'blistex' as its always done me proud!

That is it so far. Feel free to comment if your going through the same stage as me or just starting.

Remember we're all in this together.

Love E.


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hey i'm on day 62 and i got headaches for the first week and then they went away except for here and there. if you drink coffee or caffeine that might help along with the water, good luck!

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Awesome! Thanks. I've just been drinking heaps of water. It calmed down a bit today, only have a little one now. How's your skin going? Did you get much IB? X

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