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Day Three 5/13/12 - Spironolactone



This is my forehead on day 3 of using Spironolactone. I have continued to use Atralin along with the Spiro, but I know (without a doubt) the improvement in my skin is from the Spiro. I can feel my skin becoming less inflamed, less oily, and the pimples are drying out. Some have disappeared altogether.

Side effects: Have not had such a need to urinate, as I did with day one. I am not feeling that overwhelming tiredness at night, but I do sleep harder. Unfortunately, I am to start my period this week, so I can't tell if some of my symptoms are from PMS or from the Spiro. I will say that the Spiro has a very calming effect of me. Sensitive to the sun and VERY thirsty.

I would like to take the Spiro just long enough to clear my skin and allow my skin to get used to the Atralin. I like what the Atralin is doing for my smile lines and I've only been using it since 5/8/12. I can definitely tell what the Spiro is doing and what the Atralin is doing. The Spiro is calming my skin and bringing the blemishes down and the Atralin is shedding layers of old skin and making it feel more refreshed.

Also, I had my hormone levels tested prior to taking Spiro at the gyno office and everything came out normal. For those feeling like they need to have high testosterone levels to blame their acne on hormones, think again. You don't need to have high levels of a hormone for them to be responsible for your acne. I am certain mine has everything to do with the effects of testosterone in my system.


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