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Day One 5/11/12 - Spironolactone



I am a 35 year old woman and a mother to one four year old little girl. Growing up, I didn't have much of a problem with acne. I would get one or two pimples, here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary for a young woman. In late 2003, I came down with a virus that almost killed me. It seemed like my acne problems began shortly after that. I was 26, I believe. I got a cluster of pimples on my right jawline that would actually come and go in the same place. In addition to those, my forehead started breaking out in scattered pimples that were quite large (in comparison to what I had been used to). Much of the time, they would appear on my temples and just above my eyebrows.

To improve my overall health and immune system, I began running and doing some light weight lifting. My average weight, other than when pregnant, has always been between 100 and 110 lbs. I am 5'2". I battled with these ongoing acne outbreaks for years. I finally went to a dermatologist in 2010 and was prescribed Doryx (doxycycline). I took this for nearly 6 months and it did keep me clear. However, my teeth started turning a light shade of brown and the acne was returning, but only slightly. So, I stopped taking the Doryx altogether. Well, I experienced what is called a "bloom". Nobody told me I was supposed to taper off and the bacteria took over my forehead. I no longer had the big pimples I had been experiencing, I was now COVERED in little pimples. Almost every pore or follicle on my forehead was completely inflamed, red, irritated, and raised. It was horrible and I was so embarrassed. I regret going on the antibiotics. I never really got these little bumps under control...I've just learned to manage them. The pimples on my jawline never returned.

This forehead acne seems to flare-up when I:

-Lift weights

-A week before my period

-Eat chocolate

-Drink caffeine

-Get stressed

-Eat nuts

-Eat dairy

I finally returned to the dermatologist and was prescribed Atralin and Spironolactone. I was hesitant to take the Spiro because I work out and I was worried that if this medication blocks testosterone, it may impact my ability to build muscle. The doctor nor the pharmacy could really address this concern. They both had a look of "deer caught in headlights" when I brought that up. Anyway so, I started using the Atralin by itself...in hopes that it would clear my acne and I would not have to use the Sprio. Well, the 3 nights I used Atralin by itself made my forehead freak out. With that said, I didn't stop using it. I finally took my first Spiro pill on 5/11/12 (I am prescribed 50mg in the morning). I had to pee so many times during the day, but I also drank more water than usual.

PHOTO: I have attached a photo of my forehead acne, but it does not even come close to what it looks like in person. The photo doesn't look too bad, but in person there was so much inflammation going on and it was extremely red. I could almost see a difference over night. Less inflammation going on by 5/12/12.

Side effects on day one, taken in the AM: frequent urination, feeling kind of "fuzzy", some peripheral "hallucinations", and overwhelming fatigue by 9 PM.


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