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Accutane Week 5, Ib Slowly Ending?



Hey guys! It's week 5/ day 35 of my Accutane treatment, I don't have a lot of updates except my breakout. So last week I said I thought my IB was slowly going away, I was totally wrong... 1 day later I woke up with the biggest bump I've ever had in the middle of my forehead, Accutane likes to fuck with you sometimes... The bump became way smaller and now it's a small whitehead, no problem now. But I've had huge whiteheads constantly under my eyes/ next to my nose for a couple of months and I always get 2-3 every day + there's another big bump coming from the same place too... I'm still shocked how my skin can survive this warzone without scarring! But when I compare my skin to 1-2 weeks before I can see it's 30% better, like the only acne I have is healing cysts and small whiteheads.

Ok now side effects... I have no new side effects. I haven't had joint pain, bloody nose, headaches or really dry skin for 5 weeks and I hope I don't have them. But my lips are getting drier! It is a bit annoying but it just shows the drug is working.

So guys if you have any questions I will happily help you. If you're thinking about going on Accutane I can assure you it's not a big deal, all you need is patience. :)


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"Accutane likes to fuck with you sometimes"

You've got that right, one day you have no pimples, and the next, you have 10 cysts.

Haha, I like you, good luck with your course!

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Thanks :) yeah sometimes your face is pretty good but you feel a bump coming up and you say to yourself "uh oh here we go again..."

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