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Day9 (:



Hiiii (:

So here's the thing: I'm trying to do a post each day but not that much happens in 24 hours... But I'll try my best :D so today my skin still looks all red and inflamed PLUS I picked it again... I should really stop doing that. I also went to the mall today to get some more Elizabeth Arden 8h cream so I told the woman that's selling the product that I'm on Oratane. Turns out her son was also on it and at the same derm as me! And it worked for him (he had to go on a 2nd course though). So that's keeping me positive right now :D I also have 2 new pimples... :( I just put on tons of make-up when I go out to cover everything up. I also noticed that the inside of my nose is a bit dry.



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