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Week 9 Of Retin-A And Going Forward.....



I have been suffering from acne since I was in college but for years I was able to control it with some effective over the counter topical medication but when I cannot stick to my regimen all them become wild. Proactive has been very effective containing my acnes but it is not readily available in times of facial crisis especially when I am abroad.Here in the middle east, I could not find where to buy Proactive so I resorted to Avotin, a brand name for Retin-A and this is the first I have heard of it. I have only mild acne but as history tells me, my mild acne become severe if left untreated. I was hit by acne in the chin area and very few along my jawline. My first use of Retin was terrible!!!, as i wake up in the morning and see my face in the mirror, I could not believe it was peeling too much and it was difficult to wear foundation, below are some of my weekly major observations.

Week 1: Severe Peeling and more redness of lesion

Week 2: Continuation of peeling and few breakouts

Week 3: Got new wave of breakouts in my chin and along a jawline..all of them were filled with PUS...very painful.

Week 4: Still getting breakouts and all existing acne have become dry and healing.

Week 5: Still in the healing process and purging still on going.

Week 6: Still im getting few breakouts and in a form of PUS...I HATE IT!!!!

Week 7: My chin and my jawline was getting cleared.

Week 8: My chin is 90% cleared and my jawline is 70% cleared

Week 9: GOD and heaven sake...IM TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the remaining clogged pores have turned to pustules...I am really getting annoyed!!!and running out of patience..I am actually at work while writing this blog and I am eager to go home to pop this stubborn acne filled with pus...I really hope that at week 9 I would get rid off all of these but Im wrong!!!!anyway, even if I cry, there is nothing I can do but to continue the fight...I just dont understand why God has created this ugly thing for his beautiful creatures....I HATE IT!!!!

Its been a while I have not visited my account here....just an update...I am 99% clear and I am continously using retin-a...it really works after almost 2 months of struggling from horrible breakouts...


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So I am over with week 9 and Im still not clear...I am not losing hope...My left jawline is clearing fast and I DOOOOOO HOOOOOPE!!!nothing new will come out...My right jawline is somehow clearing but I know they are still active and have the potential to grow..I am really trying my best to not touch them I try to ignore the I one feel could grow in another few days..My chin which I thought had cleared is soo frustrating, I got 2 big one which is now healing and evetually will go away soon...I am keeping my fingers crossed that at week 10, I wont have new break outs...thats my wish...I am tired really..I dont understand why Im getting pimple along my jawline..My forehead is oily and although Im getting pimple occassinally, they dont stay for long..Yesterday my friend visited me in my flat and he was surprised with my face, he said this is the first time he saw me with worst acne..I just nod and say yes...its because I applied Retin-a and it uprooted all bad stuff...

I want to hear some motivating stories about Retin-A...

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I have definitely seen improvement in my forehead which has been consistently clear so i know retin a works on some level. I think given time (think months, not weeks), retin a will be consistent.....give it 3-5 months at least. If acne is NOT worsening, then it is worth a shot i think!

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Yes, I have no problem with my forehead..my pimple in that area is so occasional.My real problem is my chin...I remember it was already clear in week 8, but now I got two big one though already healing but it still hurts...overall, my existing acne in my jawline are all old ones that are healing and I hope I wont get new wave of acnes..

How long have you been using retin-a??...

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I am continuing retin-a only until next week..While it somehow helped my acne, I could no longer tolerate the continous purging process....it is disturbing me at work!!!I just a ordered a one month kit of proactive.

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I am losing faith with Retin-A..at Week 11, I am still breaking out and I can feel some bumps that would surely be inflamed in the next couple of days. Right at this very moment, I have a pustules just below my mouth and very painfu.....God Retin-a!!!, I do not understand you anymore....you are making me ugly...

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I continued retin-a but added benzac from galderma to my regimen...it works...My chin is 100% clear...my chin is almost clear....my only problem is that my skin is quite thinner now....it looks shiny and I think its better than having acne...

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