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Camping At The Beach On Accutane...not Such A Good Idea



sooo...went camping this past weekend in pismo, I thought a little nature might be good for my complexion. Holy Zit was i wrong. I broke out like craaazy. It could've been caused by sitting at the campfire with smoke blowing in my face, different water, alchohol consumption or too much sun...or all of the above :) Oh well, it was a good time even if i'm paying for it now. The only thing that sucked was having to wear makeup. Before this crazy year of acne when we'd go camping i'd go au naturel, but even in front of my friends this time i was too embarassed. I just keep telling myself that it'll all be worth it in a few more months. Anyways, I had my one month check up on the second and got my second month of tane. My doctor didn't want to up my dosage just yet cos i weigh 119 and he said to give my body another month to adjust to it since i'm right on the edge of the weight limit? Idk, i was kinda dissapointed, but i trust him. Plus he said that sometimes when the dosage is upped you could have another IB, nooo thanks. So far no side effects other than dry lips/skin and no oil on my scalp ever. I could probably go a good 2 weeks without washing my hair, which is a theory my husband thinks is better left untested. Ok so here's some more pics. Doesn't look like theres any improvement to me. Oh and I switched my moisturizer to cetaphil moisturizing cream for really dry skin. :)

Oh and this morning my 2 year old pointed at a zit on my head and goes "mommy, a hunter shoot you?" ahahaha, out of the mouth of babes

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See, things could be worse - I guess you can at least be thankful that you didn't actually get shot by a hunter! :P

It gets pretty frustrating when we find that we can link certain events to a breakout and it's something that always bothered me because I'd think, 'Everyone else seems to be able to go out and have fun but if I go out and have a late night or whatever, my skin would be messed up in the morning'. Meh, sometimes that was true, sometimes it wasn't. I suppose the main thing is that you had a good time. Fingers crossed you're not "paying for it" for too long and that things soon settle down. :)

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