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Day 8




My crazy dry lips feels as though it's getting worse!! (If that's even possible) I've also noticed that some of my blackheads are clearing (not sure how to describe this)...it's as though it comes out easily if I just squeeze it a bit. I went totally crazy though and popped a lot of pimples (the new ones I mentioned yesterday) and now my face is all red :/ But I guess it's my fault... Now I don't want to leave the house. Also, when I woke up this morning the skin at the corner of my mouth was very dry and peeling...which was weird. I applied some Bioderma and it looked better. I'm applying compact powder to my face almost every morning before I go to school now. I know it's not very good for my acne but I still do it. I also had a mild headache today but it was gone by the afternoon :D Staying positive though!!


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Omg my lip corners are sooo dry and cracking! I apply lip balm or aquaphor religiously!! I can't stop rubbing my lips together tho! I'm at the end of week 2...I feel like the blackheads on my nose are coming out too it's really weird...I havent tried to extract them..tho I too popped 3 pimples that showed up on my right cheek and boy do I regret it!! What can we do to stop picking !? Ugh....anyhow...good luck on ur journey!! My only advice is to moisturize the heck out of ur entire body!! I'm noticing little dry patches so lotion has become my BFF....

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