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Day 60Mg Accutane-3Rd Derm Visit And Start Of Month 3 Tomorrow



Hello hello,

ok so my derm said that the breakout i had last week was from my period, i guess that could be true but it was about 5-6 red/whiteheads that i popped, woops. soooo is that gonna happen every month now though? i'm confused about that because i'm going through accutane to get rid of these spots and my period is gonna keep coming obviously so am i gonna keep getting these spots. hmmm?

but on a more positive note i'm getting upped from 40mg to 60mg for my 3rd month. my derm said i would see much more improvement w/ 60mg or 80mg so my 4th and 5th month of treatment i'll probably be upped to 80mg. so i'll reach the recommended dose, which is good and will be done mid august pending all my labs are normal.

skin: still have some raised spots on R side of cheek and some clogged pores on the L side. open pores

w/ lingering blackheads. tons of red/dark spots PIH from previous breakouts makes my skin look soo much worse.

ok here's to hoping 60mg is magic.


Good luck with the dosage increase! I'm on 60 mg now and almost on my 3rd week...not noticing any improvement yet just dryness everywhere ...good luck to u ! Hope this works for us both!!

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I just read your blog, I really hope you can get an acne free face as soon as possible. I have the same problems with you, I also have pimples in the same places! I know the feeling where you say to yourself that tge IB is probably over but then BOOM, you get new bumps. :(

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thank you for the words of encouragement. i love this website for bringing us all together because we all understand each other more than people who don't have acne.

5117- i haven't had much dryness except for lips and hair but i'm thinking 60mg will definitely bring the dryness for sure. good luck to you as well! i look forward to seeing improvement for both of us! they have month 3 is magic? idk if thats true but we'll see

ceminay- thats so funny that we have similar spots! well i hope accutane will help us all! my face is doing a lot better at this moment. maybe a few spots but mostly PIH, damnn marks. good luck!

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