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First Derm Visit In Over A Year...



Went to my dermatologist today for the first time in over a year. Lets just say it brought back many unpleasant memories..so unpleasant that I actually started to cry in the office. I started going to this office almost six years ago for the same reason that I was there today- my face is just unmanageable. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING has worked for way too many years and saying it isnt pleasant is a huge understatement. So he gave me a couple of options but my problem is that I am going abroad this summer so most of them I can really start yet- one of them being going on accutane again. which if my problem persists I most likely will do after the summer.

But there is hope-

He said that many women with my case that have such stubborn acne can have it regulated by taking not only birth control pills (that I am taking now) but also some blood pressure pillls (i cant remember what it was called) and that it will regulate something in my blood that helps with acne in many women. so this looks like a small light at the end of a very long and narrow tunnel. so I will be scheduling an appointment with an endocrinologist to prescribe me these 'blood controlling pills' wel call them.

For now he put me back on Solodyn that I used to take many years ago. He put me on a higher dose then my weight should be able to handle only to get the ball rolling quickly ( i really love my doctor he cares so much about me getting better soon) and gave me Epiduo topical cream for night (also used to use this back in the day- there really isnt anything I haven't tried yet except for these 'blood control pills')


Still no improvement anywhere on my face. If anything I woke up this morning with many more painful ones around my chin and on my left cheek again. My doctor popped and injected them for me so hopefully theyl be gone by sunday. Im praying this all kicks in really really soon before I go abroad. i want to walk around feeling pretty and sexy again in tanktops and bikinis and no makeup on the beach.

Anyone ever heard of these blood control pills to help acne?


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I have heard of them...is it spiro? There's a girl on here writing a blog about her treatment on them..I'm excited to know if they work...I'm on accutane now (3rd week) and from reading ppls blogs I'm a little discouraged...I'm hoping this cures my acne for good but now I'm not so sure if that's the case...keep us updated if u get those pills!

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Yes! so i am going to the endocrinologist tomorrow to see if i can go on these pills. He apparently deals with cases like mine all the time which is a good feeling (that im not the only one whos been battling acne like this for so many years and it is clearly not just puberty). I will update as soon as i get back from the doc

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also dont be discouraged by accutane it really does work wonders for almost everyone..including my sister. I just so happen to be the 1 in 10 that it didnt work for and that is most probably because hormonal imbalances that will be checked out tomorrow

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I feel your pain. I had extremely severe acne about 5 years ago. After Accutane, I was clear for a long time, but it came back full force a couple of months ago. I have such negative emotions about that time in my life and I am so scared that it will get that bad again. I too am taking Spironolactone. It has helped me in the past, but I have heard that it can have some weird side effects. I'm taking it to calm things down, but I don't want to be on it for too long because I don't think it's healthy.

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