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Claravis (Isotretenoin) Day 57- 80Mg



I haven't updated in a few weeks... and no.. it's not because i'm cured LOL. Although.. there is a LOT of improvement which is promising. The blister like lump next to my left eye is significantly smaller and i'm hoping another 30 days eliminates it completely. And the knot by my mouth, also on my right side is also WAY smaller. It has probably reduced 70% in size. I still cover this spot with a bandaid because it used to leak sporadically (gross). I'm pretty sure i'm past that point but i've worn the bandaid this long so it's almost a security blanket lol so might as well ride it out and wear the d*** thing til the sucker is g.o.n.e! CANT WAIT for the day!

Side effects:

Lips are still excessively dry and in the morning the sides are cracked. I find that when I open my mouth real wide to eat they want to split but I haven't had any bleeding or anything. Than again, I take REALLY good care of them. (Even the derm comented on how they looked good)

I had some eczema (I guess?) on the underside of each forearm but it's a lot better since i'm doing better about keeping my ENTIRE body lotioned up.

My hair is still a lot more dry than normal but i'm still excited about how little I have to wash it... which in turn means less blow drying and straightening so its still a plus.

The soreness in my back/joints actually subsided for a week or so but is back. I dont think it's AS bad (or maybe I'm just getting used to it?)

Bleeding gums stopped but ironically started back up today? Weird

The dry eye sympton also kicked in and I even had to switch brands of contacts to something that (according to my eye dr) holds in moisture better and it has helped a lot.

My Derm appointment on Monday went well... and I am now in to my 9th week. She said I should see a LOT of improvement in my 3rd month so i'm excited to reach that point especially since I have plans to fly to see a friend this summer I haven't seen in a few years.

Products haven't changed:

Burts bees chapstick

Cetaphil moisturizer

(my derm did say there was a new? cetephil moisturizer out that she wanted me to try but i can't find the piece of paper they wrote it down on lol so i will let you all know as soon as i myself figure it out!)

Til next time......


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