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I'm Back! With A Update!

OK. wow i'v been gone awhile, I honestly have no excuse except I'v been busy. rolleyes.gif

My face is looking really good right now, alittle red because I kind of went at it removing blackheads lastnight (I know, I;m ashamed of myself. Really!) Plus i'v been useing a AHA cream from...I can't remember the name of the place..But its natural and so good. It kind of burns my skin at first but it helps with my acne like you wouldnt believe! I put it on at night under lotion on my lerrosett rejuvinating serum and its like mini exfoliation, its awesome.shifty.gif

Speaking of lerrosett, I hate to say it hasnt cured my acne like I had hoped. But I still use the mask off and on. It helps heal up a popped pimple so fast! And its the best thing I'v found for cysts so far. But I dont get that many of those. I still use theyr face wash tho, I love it. But not as much as their rejuvinating serum.....wub.png

Two other things I'v intergrated into my regime is the Olay sulfer mask, the one that comes with the olay prox acne kit. I'm just using the mask right now but I love it. It's 10% sulfer. The reason I started using it is because I had picked up a tube of Clearasil Daily Clear Adult Acne Treatment Cream with Sulfer 8% and Resorcinol 2&. (this was the second thing). I love it. Plus Its tinted so I can out it on at night or on a make up less day and feel ok! rolleyes.gif but when I saw it working I started looking for something with sulfer in it. I'v also noticed that things for "Adult" acne work better for me than "normal" acne treatments. But maybe that just has to do with ingredients?eusa_think.gif

At any rate, I am very pleased.shifty.gif

I am going to try not to pick at my skin anymore. Usually I break out like crazy after I pick but this time the AHA seemed to stop it?eusa_think.gif

As to weight and exercise.,..Iv gained weight. I'm offically 150. Havnt exercised in Months. I'v been eating a TON of sugar and soooo unhealthy it isnt even funny. But I'm not staying like this. I Have a goal that by my birthday i will weigh 130. At the most. And before I head to college, I'll be 120. No options.

I pray for strength.eusa_pray.gif

Delightfully, Me rolleyes.gif


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