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The Dairy Queen



Had a bad day yesterday, food-wise. I managed to avoid the cheesecake I'd made for my relatives, but gave way and had some cream with my fruit. Also had two cups of tea with milk and some cheese in my lunch. It was like a dairy festival. By the evening I had three new lumps - nothing dramatic, they were not even like fully-formed pimples and I've blitzed them with Differin already - but still. Although there's always a chance that something else caused them, I feel that dairy is the likely culprit.

My face is clearing up slowly from my last breakout, but I have loads of redness. I have always been prone to red skin but I think that the Differin exacerbates it. I find Clinique makes some really gentle make-up which is brilliant at covering blotchy skin and acne. In fact, if there were any guys reading this who wanted a discreet concealer then I would recommend the Clinique Almost Powder Make-Up, it looks so natural. It does cost quite a lot, more than I can afford actually. But I don't have the confidence to venture outdoors without it.

The no-sugar thing is going remarkably well, except for the unfortunate cream incident. But we will not speak of that again. I bought unsweetened soya milk today to have in my tea and it's ok, much better tasting than I thought, so I hope I can get used to that. It also has added calcium and vitamins which I guess is a plus. Very nearly had a biscuit today but instead I had dried cranberries which satisfied the sweet craving. I know that there is a lot of sugar in dried fruit so it probably didn't make much difference, but I guess it was the lesser of two evils. I'm also trying to maximise my veg consumption. I've discovered a vegetable called chard which is pretty good in stir-fry (I'm sure loads of people eat this already, but for some reason the existence of chard has passed me by until now).

I had a date yesterday which was a success. I was kind of flaky and red and reptilian looking beforehand (thanks Diff, love you), but I plastered on the foundation and he didn't seem to be repelled by my face. Me - 1, Acne- 0.


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