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Here We Go....



I've been suffering with pretty bad acne for the last three years. I'm fourteen years old, and definitely have the worst acne out of ALL of my friends. It's not only humiliating, it's depressing! When people look at me, I think they only see whatever new pimple has appeared on my face. My parents have spent probably over $500 on my skin, trying anything the dermatologist recommends. I've tried Differin, Aczone, several other expensive creams, and around 5 different types of pills. Also Neutrogena, Proactiv, Clean and Clear, Lo'real, and several other face washes. My face momentarily gets better, but then quickly resumes to it's previous state. Now, In the end of 8th grade, my acne has gone from mild, to bad, to severe. Not only do I get large pimples now, but tons of cysts on my cheeks. Also, just a month ago, my back and chest have began breaking out! I watched a few videos about this product, and now I'm worried I'm just spending money towards a lost cause.


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you have to continue using the product that can control your acne...if you cant eliminate it, then control is the best option..you have no choice but to maintain it eventhough it will cost you every month...

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Alot of those brands that you mentioned seem to have harsh chemicals that are prooobably irritatting your skin more than helping it.. It sounds like you have pretty sensitive skin since alll of those don't seem to be really helping. I've been in your shoes I promise, you just need to have hope because your skin isn't going to be this way forever! I drink green tea like every night and it helps my stress levels and its good for you and your skin too :D

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