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Day 57- 40Mg- Still Breaking Out




ok well as the title says i'm still breaking out on my Right cheek. the breakout started a week ago and those 4 spots that started the breakout have turned to red spots and not bumps but now i'm getting new bumps in that same area that are red raised and have a whitehead just like the other ones. these spots make my whole Right cheek look like one big red spot and they hurt and always feel like pressure on that right cheek.. i'm annoyed to say the least mostly because i haven't had a breakout on my cheeks like this in months so idk where this is coming from. i was mostly breaking out on my chin and jawline but now it's all the cheeks which is almost more visible. i had good progress in my 1st month and a half on accutane and now i'm breaking out so i'm just wondering wth. i know everyone's progress is different but i'm really bummed now because i'm starting my 3rd month this Friday.

side effects:

  • face feels normal, kinda dry right after wash and then normal when moisturized- i still blot 1x/day and it covers like half the sheet- not bad and nowhere near as oily as before accutane=thank god.
  • skin on arms and legs feel kinda dry. hands especially but manageable
  • dry lips- not bad, no cracking
  • inside nose is really dry and hurts if i move my nose. dry blood when i blow my nose. no nosebleeds
  • occ low back pain- don't even notice because i get this pain after a 12H shift anyway

ok well that's really it for now. my derm appt is friday and i'm waiting to see what my derm says. i'm hoping to increase my dose to 60mg for the next three months to reach the recommended dose. i'm just really worried about these breakouts because this is probably the worst my skin has looked on accutane so far so i'm disappointed.

i've always notice other people's skin but lately i've been focusing on it it more because i'm breaking out i guess. i've noticed there are so many terrible rude mean people out there who have perfect skin which is super annoying because those people like that don't experience the emotional toll that acne puts on people and can't appreciate what they have and just make fun of everyone else. it's gross and annoying because there are so many beautiful people out there with acne that do everything right and can't catch a break.


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