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Attack Of The Cyst



So the good news is that I had no new acne when I woke up this morning - yay! In fact, a lot of my right cheek has dried up and the inflammation is down. I did a salt soak last night and this morning, which I think has really helped to heal the existing spots up. Though the salt does make me quite itchy, so maybe I need to take it easy with that. I'm going to give my face a break from the DIfferin this morning as well - I usually put it on twice a day, but it does make my cheeks very red.

The bad news is that the spot on my left cheek has turned into a horrible cyst-type lump. I think this is because I picked at it when it was tiny, and now it has sought its revenge. I'm just going to ignore it and hope it goes away in the not-too-distant future.

It is now two weeks exactly since I cut out refined sugar, and I have only slipped up once with a shameful after-dinner mint in a restaurant. The sad thing is that today I have to bake cakes for our relatives who are coming to visit - it is going to be quite hard to resist. I also have a head cold which doesn't seem fair since I have been trying to eat so healthily. But never mind.

So, apart from cyst-gate, things are looking good. cool.png


Do you find that cutting refined sugar is helping? my mom suggested i do that...Also I have never heard of a salt soak...does that really work well? or is more for scars when your acne is gone?

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To be honest I'm starting to think that dairy might be more to blame than refined sugar. Today I was greedy and had tea with milk and a cheese sandwich, and by this evening I had a couple of small new pimples. Seems like a connection there, as I haven't had any sugar and also have been clear for a few days... :/

The salt soak is great - make sure it's sea salt because table salt contains iodine. Then I just dab the salt water onto my acne and leave for 15 minds before rinsing. You will need moisturiser though because it can be drying.

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I've tried Differin and it really didn't work for me, but maybe I gave up too quickly. How long have you been using it?

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I'm not sure about Differin, I've been using it for nearly a year and it definitely has helped to control the acne which is why I'm still using it. But it hasn't cleared me because I still get these breakouts on my cheeks, so there must be some underlying cause. That's why I'm trying to modify my diet to see if it has any positive impact.

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That sounds cool I might give the seal salt soak a try this weekend thanks! And I used to use Differin too (if you read my blog ive tried almost every single product known to the acne world)... it did work alittle if i remember but it isnt such a strong topical cream for bad acne - this is what my derm tells me which is why I stopped using it and started on epiduo.

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