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70% Glycolic Peel At Home... Why Why Why.... And, Need To Stop Picking At It.



OK so.... I'm an idiot. Well, not really an idiot, but I honestly wonder why I did this to myself - and why I canNOT stop picking in a vengeful rage against my poor, poor face. I added extra glycolic acid to the parts that are in the picture as obviously red and messed up. The rest of my skin basically looks fine, though since cutting down to just 1G Pantothenic acid supplementing a day it is definitely getting oilier.

Background info - I bought 70% Glycolic acid undiluted (extremely high percentage - use at your own risk) off Amazon for like, $15 or something. Prior to that I had used a whole bottle of salcylic acid treatments (I think they were 20%) over the course of 8 weeks or so. Each bottle has about 15 peels. I've done TCA peels (I think) with a facialist back when I was working and rich. Well, now I'm unemployed and poor so I just DIY.... to slightly terrifying results as you can see from the pics.

Anyways these can be good in helping resurface scars... which is what I wanted to do. The 70% glycolic is SUPER strong though, and can really burn. BE-WARE. Seriously. I'm embarrassed to leave the house tomorrow.

I have been nursing my wounds by applying pure organic coconut oil to the red bits, and picking incessantly (Bad Bad Bad, I know). I think the coconut oil will be good though, since it has antibacterial properties... however, I feel a new pimple on my chin. Hormones. Or oil applied? Who knows.

I'm taking a slight deviation from the regimen here.

My neck acne has cleared!!!! And still no big cystic acne (PHEW) along the jawline, but I do have cyst-like acne that is smaller and just as stubborn...

All in all, I'd say my skin is slightly better than it was in Feb/March. Diet is crucial, as usual.

While I love juicing, I was noticing it was making me a bit fat - believe it or not - and that the sugar content in the juices is something of concern. I'm trying to incorporate more organic, local meats and wild fish into my diet now. I also eat spoonfuls of coconut oil. I'm basically following this diet 'the primal bluebrint' which is similar to paleo diet but includes a more comprehensive lifestyle plan.

Anyways, I am pretty horrified with my stupid glycolic peel results. I only left it on my skin for like, a minute or two - tops. I think I'm going to throw the bottle away - or otherwise wait until I have no active acne to do another one in some time. I made the mistake of trying to 'burn' away the pimples - and ended up with these freaky ass big red spots in the places I 'spot' treated. I know it won't scar (I have some experience with these things) I just have to stay out of the sun and stop picking. Actually after the redness subsides it should leave my skin looking better in a day or two... Perhaps I should update then.

What I am going to do is try and be better about being consistent.

I have been doing DKR - but a modified version of it because my skin simply cannot handle the method of doing moisturizer after lathering a thick layer of bp on. It spreads the bp all over, and causes way too much irritation. The cleanser is pretty drying too, I've noticed. Anyways - I still do thick layers of the bp around the jawline and cheeks (I just moisturize the other parts of my face first).

The pix, sorry if they are gross, I am posting them here as a "cautionary tale" of sorts. But also, there is hope - especially with these peels, it's usually worse before it gets better.

But overall, I'd REALLY like to update with smooth clear perfectly nice acne free pics very very soon.... This whole mild/moderate adult/hormonal bla bla acne thing is really getting old.


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