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I Have No Will Power!

To start off I've been a vegetarian for about 4 months now I haven't really seen any improvement in my skin but that's not really the reason im vegetarian in the first place, and my skin would probably be worse if i wasn't. I eat pretty healthy, a lot healthier than most my friends yet they still have perfect skin but I've been trying to eat less gluten, bread, pasta, stuff like that. Also no sweets but I have a massive sweet tooth and binge a lot so I'm thinking that having this blog will help me stay on track to clearer skin. I'm also taking fish oil and 50mg of zinc a day, I think I'm going to stop taking fish oil though.

Right now I'm going through a baaaad breakout on my chin 2 deep ones and a few little bumps, it could be from a lot of things, I missed taking my zinc pill the other day, I've eaten horribly for the last 3 days, and I didn't wash my face before bed the other night, and of course damn hormones. I just started hanging out with people more and going out because my acne was getting better but I'm just afraid that I'm going to hide in my room all this weekend because i don't want everyone staring right at those honkers on my chin. I absolutely hate it when you're doing so good at not popping your zit but then when it comes to a head and you see everyone staring at it when you're talking to them like its gonna explode at any moment. It's just so embarrassing...

Anyways, this blog is to help me stay on track with eating the right foods and improving my acne, I'll update at the end of everyday what I ate and how my skin is. xoxo


I'm in a similar boat... it's really hard, going off the gluten - but definitely worth it. Also, cutting out dairy for me has been a big help. I used to eat greek yogurt every day, and had cystic acne as a result. Don't worry so much about popping your zits - I mean, it's not the best thing to do, but don't stress about it if you do. I used to get facials and my facialist would pop my zits!

Good luck.

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i commented on your last post...since your acne seems totally hormonal. add vitamin b 50 complex...and be patient.seriously

not taking zinc for a day or two is not likely to affect you.

the sugars...no no no...suger raised glucose levels in the blood. your body reacts by increasing insulin output. high levels of insulin cause androgen release...androgens=ance, caffiene also does this to your body. any high glycemic food will. I always break out after sweets.

Stay vegetarian there are vegetarian sweets that you can get or ones with the good sugar that doesn't spike glucose levels try those. good luck...

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