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I Know What It Feels Like To Have Your Life Changed By Acne..... Last Hope Is Accutane



For all of those who have experienced acne i know how you feel. My acne has gone from worst to clear four times now. This means that i experienced the awful things acne can do to a persons social life, love life, school, self esteem and more 4 times in about 4 years. I am on week 10 of accutane, and to be honest my skin looked better before i was on accutane. Before i was clear for about 6 months. It was the greatest 6 months of my life. Being able to wake up without worrying about acne, having girls call you cute and give you attention, and always wanting to go out. However now everything turned a complete 180. It sucks, i have never felt so looney, i have always had a girl or a girlfriend by my side but this time i have to go through it alone. I don't want to go out and the first thing i think of when a person sees me is that "inside his head they are thinking about my acne and wondering what happen to me. I work out everyday, wash my face 2-3 times a day and drink enough water to make fish jealous. I hate meeting new people, i dread giving presentations, and i always hide. I am really hoping that accutane will be the end of all my misfortunes. I am on 80 mg a day of accutane and i am hoping that will bring me back to what i use to be.


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I couldn't help but read through this and think yep, yep, same, yep, same. Only I have gone through all this for many more then four years...its been almost 7 now.. and I was only truly clear for about a year and a half- and it was the greatest year and a half of my life! I know EXACTLY what your talking about with the hiding, and how people look at you and what you think they are thinking. I am a girl- so i always had the opposite end, guys looking at me and thinking i was cute and flirting with me and me flirting back, now whenever i see a guy i used to flirt with i try and say a quick hello and make like im really busy and run to study in a room where no one i know is. I went on accutane a few years ago and it worked pretty well...but i wont lie it did come back for me- but thats cuz im a girl and i have waked out hormones that get in the way of everything. I hear accutane works really well for guys so i wish you the best of luck! all we can do is hold our heads high and keep telling ourselves that it will be okay and it will soon go away...

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I've read about accutane and it's great results, but my cousin tried it a while back and ended up getting chromes disease because of it. Granted, she does have great skin, but now she can't eat anything with gluten, so I doubt it was really worth it.

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