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So Frustrated...



Ok so for the last week I have gone cold turkey with refined sugars, so no biscuits, cakes, chocolate... I have also drastically cut down on dairy, so no more glasses of milk or cheese and crackers. Basically I can't take these spots anymore, I am 24 and want to finally enjoy clear skin without medication. I am still using Differin cream (0.1%), but have been using this regularly for nearly a year with no dramatic results. I do find that it helps to heal the spots quite quickly though, even if it doesn't prevent breakouts.

Here is the state of my face at the moment. My right cheek is worse with lots of scarring and a couple of new pimples every day. For some reason they have also spread down to my jaw line now... eusa_think.gif My left cheek is always better for some reason, though saying that I woke up today with a nice new pimple on my cheekbone.

This is complicated by the fact that I have polycystic ovaries, so my hormones are always out of whack. I think I might have to accept that I will always be spot-prone, but for the moment I just want to control my current breakout.

Life is a bit more boring without sweets, I have to admit. I think maybe I was addicted to sugar (I had a sad dream last night about chocolate cake that I couldn't have...) so it is hard going. I'm trying to replace bad foods with more veg, nuts, etc. I'm a bit confused about fruit as I know it contains simple sugars, but on the other hand it seems unhealthy to cut out fruit altogether because of the fibre and minerals? I have started to replace tea and milk with green tea and lemon (not really a fan at the moment, but I can live with it).


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