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Day 1 :d



Hi everyone!

Well today officially marks the first day of my oratane journey. I got the ok from my doctor this morning after the bloodtest last Friday and went to the pharmacist to pick up the pills this afternoon. I have to take 2 20mg pills each evening after dinner with a glass of milk. Obviously there are no side effects yet...lol. I also took my last pill of Dianne 35 today. [its kinda weird ending the pill and starting oratane on the same day??] So just a general description of my skin at the moment:

2 very painfull cysts on my chin (only popped one...yet)

The 2 cysts are flaking and has loads of scabs! This makes it extremely noticeble :( I've also noticed that this particurly happens when I put concealer on. I use Yardley oatmeal which is a pretty good brand I think. Pleas let me know if u have a solution for all this flaking!!

1 zit that's starting to fade just above my right eyebrow

1 zit on my left temple...quite red

1 million blackheads covering my nose and forehead

Lots of whitegeads on my chin as well

So its pretty bad at this moment and the initial breakout is also on its way...ugh...

Anyways, I hust really hope that this will clear all my acne eventually! Feel free to post any questions or comments:) I will try my best to answer them xx


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