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Day 27.



Not much change since the last time I posted. Maybe worse if anything. Actually gutted, it was going so well but then it's like it's stopped working. That said, I have been under a lot of stress at the moment with deadlines for uni and two performances so it may not be helping things.

I've spent a lot of time looking back at my clear skin in photos. Doesn't make me feel very good but part of me thinks, I had clear skin once, i've got over acne before, just because it's a little worse this time round, doesn't mean I can't do it again.

I'm sticking with it, things don't just work in a month, besides, acnecide is a long term cream, my sister was on it for years and I'm sure her spots took a few months to finally start clearing. I haven't uploaded any images because there really isn't much difference from the last ones. Maybe just a few more spots and a lot more dry skin. I'm wondering if maybe I should go down to using the cream only at night? Maybe i'm putting too much on so it's not working as well. I have no idea. I just hope I can reach August and achieve my goal of having clear skin ready for my second year of uni.


Whenever I used topicals on a daily basis, I found that I'd start breaking out after about four weeks. It was as though introducing them kind of shocked my skin a little so that would clear things up a bit at first, then once it was over that and the topical started purging my skin, things went slightly downhill. That happened when I was using Retin-A and to a lesser extent with Isotretinoin gel.

Guess that's probably where you're at. Can appreciate how frustrating that can be and indeed how disheartening it might be if it feels like some of that progress has been lost. But, like you said, there's no reason why you can't get back there. By the same token, no reason why you won't be able to keep improving and get the clear skin you're hoping for. Time and patience.

Beyond those initial stages, I never really stuck with a topical alone in the long-term because I usually had an antibiotic doing its thing at the same time. That seemed to help me, although in terms of finding out just how well the topicals did or didn't work, the antibiotics got in the way of that I suppose. Even so, no harm in sticking with it a while longer, giving it a fair go and seeing how you get on. Could always switch to something else or change your approach later on. The way I see it, if one thing doesn't quite work then, at the very least, you can cross it off and it brings you closer to finding the thing that will.


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well naturally skin isn't dry unless its affected by an outside source or internal disorder. I'm betting that your treatment is drying it.

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