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Um..hair Loss?



Ok, so for the past few weeks I have been shedding much more hair than what is normal for me. Grant it, I did use a shampoo bar which caused me to shed like 4 hairs in the shower (amazing for me), and I haven't been using that bar, I switched back to liquid shampoo because I noticed where I rub my shampoo bar on my head to lather has become more sparse, so maybe I just switched back to my normal amount of shedding by switching to chemically shampoo but I SERIOUSLY NEVER remember ever shedding this much. I'm finding hair everywhere, on my pillow, in my hair tie, on my clothes, every time I run my fingers through my hair. Normally, I only notice hairs falling in the shower.

Now, this kinda started around the same time I started Benzaclin. I know the listed side effects don't include hair loss, but does ANYONE have any info on this matter? I mean seriously, if I have to have acne and am going bald...

As much as Benzaclin helps my acne, I'm going to stop using it for a few weeks to see if my shedding subsides. God, please, please don't let me lose my hair too.


Ask your derm before you stop...it takes too long for the meds to kick in to waste it...plus its prob not good for your skin to go on and off meds like that...

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As a guy, i'd prefer clear skin rather then hair. Thinking as a girl i'd probably prefer the same thing unless the hair loss is severe beyond measurable amounts then I guess you can choose.. But i'd probably still stick with clearer skin. you can always buy a wig.

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