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So Depressed Today



I'm so tired of looking in the mirror and wanting to cry. Its an awful feeling and i hope i'm not alone. Every time i wash my cover up off, or when i wake up, or after a shower i just want to cry my eyes out because of my acne, i always feel awful about myself. Even with cover up on i feel disgusting and i don't know how anybody looks at me, i feel like such a burden to look at. I want more than anything to have clear skin, i've had acne since 5th grade! I don't even remember what its like to not have a disgusting bumpy red face. I have friends who wear cover up and never wash it off, and touch there faces all the time and they never even get a single pimple! Its not fair, why me, why do i have acne, why do i have to feel disgusting all the time? I have no confidence at all and the only time i ever feel slightly happy with my face is right after i do my make up, but usually right after my brief moment of not hating my face i just think, i wish i didn't have put on all this make up just took be ok with looking at myself.


I know how you feel girl...i HATE taking my makeup off...i wait till my boyfriend goes to sleep to wash my face and get up before him to fix it...talk about depressing! What are you doing for your acne? Do you have cystic or just whiteheads or what?

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i'm so sorry you're feeling this way. i think we all have these ups and downs. acne is so annoying because sometimes we never know what causes it and it's not fair how come some people get perfect skin. if we have to have acne in the world everyone should have the same amount just to be fair. stupid acne. what are you doing for your skin now?

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I feel the exact same way! i try to avoid all mirrors and anything i can see my relection in. I even do my make up far away from the mirror because i dont want to be up so close looking at my acne and scars. All of my friends have flawless skin and i just feel so ugly all of the time. you're definetly not alone girlfriend i know exactly the way youre feeling ://

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I literally feel the EXACT same way! Since 5th grade I've had acne, I have acne marks ALL over my face, I feel like Quazimodo. But you know what? One day it'll go away, I try to tell myself that. This is the 5th time this week I've been crying, and I understand how you feel. If you need anything I'm here. Just message me <3

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