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Mirror Mirror On The Wall...



I like to use a hand mirror to look at my acne. I look at the wall mirror then angle the hand mirror so i can see the hand mirror's reflection in the wall mirror. If that makes sense? Maybe an easier way to describe what i do is i look at my acne via a mirror reflection in the mirror. Wait now im confused. Screw it, wall mirror, hand mirror, acne. I feel this way gives the best representation of how others see my skin. I use to not really care much when i did this cause i didnt really break out that much on the side of my face and what i saw when doing this didnt really change much from what i usually saw in the mirror, yet since i've started breaking out along my jaw doing this can make me feel worse about my skin. Yet this past week i havnt been doing it, mainly cause i havnt been able due to a lack of hand mirror. (Long story short i dont have access to my toiletry bag this week). Not closely examining my skin has had a couple of affects on me this week. Though I have not felt 'bad' about my skin this week i have at time felt a little more self conscious. With the mirror i felt like i knew exactly what was going on with my face and what it looked like, this week i've been a little bit more in the dark. I dont know exactly what im trying to say but not scrutinizing my skin this week has had both its advantages and disadvantages and i cant decide whether its been a positive thing or not.

Other things: I've made a couple of changes to hopefully help my skin. I've switched to a crystal mineral deodorant from a spray aluminum anti antiperspirant. I've started using cetaphil to wash my hair rather then head and shoulders. And i havnt been spot treating with calamine lotion this week cause its with the rest of my toiletries. Also had a bag of vege chips on Sunday, was only mean to eat half but ended up eating all of it, touch concerned it could break me out but my skin didnt do anything apeshit the following days except for one big pimple mentioned below. I'm hoping they dont break me out so i have something decent to snack on. Actually bought a bag of deli crisps, which are taro and purple and orange sweet potato baked like chips but preservative, gluten etc free. Finger crossed they dont break me out.

Skin: A couple little new ones on my jaw which suck cause the old ones havnt completely gone yet, i can still fell them when washing my face.aa really big one developed above my eyebrow but popped in the shower tonight so i got the head out afterward. I've had to use an old pair of reading glasses this week, once again due to toiletries, and where they sit above my ear i have a new pimple come up, my usual reading glasses i can angle so they dont touch my skin.


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