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Not Good But Better :)



So tomorrow I go to get my first refill of accutane, hopefully they'll up my dosage! It has probably been the worst past 30 days. I couldn't see an end, things went from bad to worse. I even quit posting because I didn't see a point in reporting only the negative stuff. But things have started to look up as of late, like I said, still a long long way to go though. No cysts or big bumps on my face now, just a few small pimples and alot of red spots. I have no side effects really other than a slight headache every once in a while. Lips are dry, skins really dry. That's about it though smile.png I switched from philosophy's purity face wash to cetaphil. It saves me ten bucks a month and worked wonders. If you haven't done so yet, do it! I felt like my nice expensive face wash had to work better than a drugstore product, but take it from me. Cetaphil has done awesome things for my skin since I've been on tane. Before it broke me out but since the accutane it's helped alot. Actually, once I made the switch like 0 days ago, I noticed that's when my skin took a turn for the better. Anyways, here's some more scary pics, not as scary as the last but pretty bad nonetheless.


Glad to hear things are improving. Always nice to hear something positive. I'm sure many of us have fallen into that trap where we only seem to be posting negative thoughts and that in itself can bring us down, so perhaps it was wise to take a little break.

Good to hear that you're pleased with Cetaphil so far, too. I'd been using La Roche Posay for over a year and I think because it has a light fragrance, it's been irritating my skin and that's built up over time. The two are about the same price and given that Cetaphil is gentler and fragrance-free, I figured it could be ideal. So far, it's working great. Well, it's made no negative difference to my skin and the change of products hasn't caused a breakout which is great, and it's definitely controlling things so that my skin is neither too oily or too dry. Makes me wish I'd switched a lot sooner.

Great to hear that you're noticing some positive changes and I'm sure the minimal side effects are a bonus. I've never taken Accutane myself and was always a bit wary of the side effects. Sure I would have got through it, but even so, I always think it's brave when people go for that "last resort" because they don't technically know how their body will respond along the way.

Fingers crossed that you're through the worst of it and that it all pays off in the end. :)

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Based on your pics we have similar acne..I'm also on accutane this is my 9th day...I'm going to watch your blog to "compare" :)

I'm still using BP face wash since I have been on it for almost a year but if my skin starts to dry out too much Ill make the switch to your recommendation...I have pix too but I think theyre marked so only "friends" can see them...I'm shy lol...anyhow good luck! Look forward to seeing your progress!

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Well hopefully everything works out for the both of us and we can look back at these pictures six months from now and think "damn, i'm glad that's over!" I always figure that if people see me in person, then they know i have acne. If i'm on this website, people know i have acne. Lol so don't be embarassed, there's a ton of us out there :)

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