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update: i'm at work and looked in the mirror, and saw a big red itchy bump on my chin. i've gotten these before, and they don't come to a head ever, they're usually almost entirely gone in a day or so. so i dabbed a little bp on it (yes, i carry bp. lame.) and within 20 minutes or so the redness has gone down and it looks just like a little bump. i was doing some searching on this site, and apparently this is a pretty common complaint. from what i understand, it could be due to irritation or an allergic reaction, or a fungus. awesome. i've had them in the past with other products, so unless i'm allergic to all bp and retinoids (which can't be true because nothing else about these products irritates my skin) it's prob just irritation. or fungus. i'm going to assume it's irritation for now, and def discontinue witch hazel and the pro-x brush, to see if my skin calms down a little. i do plan to ask my derm next week about the fungus though...people say they get bumps and buildups of skin on their face and body from this fungus...interesting...


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