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Day 15



clogged pores everywhereeee. i will say that since i started spiro, i have had only a few inflamed whiteheads around my mouth, even leading up to my period. that's awesome. howeverrrrr, now my main problem is these clogged pores and the overall texture of my skin. i look in the mirror at all these crazy angles (i know, i know, i knowwww) and i see these tiny little bumps that i HATE. i'm wondering if with the witch hazel/pro x brush i'm overexfoliating? i really hate not knowing what's working/not working, so i might stop using those and just use the brush if i'm feeling really flaky...maybe 2-3 times a week. i definitely can't use them both together...way too drying. it's so frustrating to worry about how your skin is going to look when you wake up, or if it's going to be in decent or horrible shape for a particular event. i used to never have to worry about this! i don't think i took it for granted then, because my skin was pretty bad in high school, but i'd do anything to go back to that...i'd love to not have to wear makeup anymore!


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