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Pissed Off!

Liam Foster


So i was supposed to be starting my first day on my placement today at the BBC!! Been trying for about a month now to get better skin, and have been on doxy for about 3 weeks. Some improvement on mty cheeks however they are so red and peeling. But my forehead, wow!! That just never gets better at all! Got about 6 active pimples there atm and its also red and peeling. I feel so low and angry and depressed. I didnt go today. Im praying it gets better!!! I have to go in tommorrow no matter what or ill get kicked off and my uni life will be in tatters! Gimme a break!!!


try doxy and benzoyl together. they work a lot better that way.

I'm on doxy now, and apply benzoyl night and day (and in the middle of the day) its been only 4 days and my skin shows great improvements.

I did an experiment - i left my right jawline without benzoyl,

I was trying to see if doxy alone works, or if benzoyl is any helpful.

and turns out, my left side is so much better than my right. (I know its been only 4 days, but the improvement is remarkable)

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It can take several weeks for antibiotics to start making a difference and you'd have to go maybe three months before you know for sure either way.

In the meantime, got to keep battling. I'd assume that there are people lining up to get placements at places like the BBC so, no disrespect, but getting a chance like that and putting it at risk because of acne is a bad idea. Don't waste it. I learned the hard way - threw away years of my life, friendships and even my job - so you can trust me on that one because I know what I'm talking about. If the aim is for people to not notice your skin so much then the best thing to do is go about your business like everyone else. To be notably absent on the first days does the exact opposite and draws attention to you when you do show up.

Just go for it. In the end, you'd be happier looking back knowing that you struggled with your skin but made the most of an opportunity. Otherwise, you'll have struggled with your skin and let an opportunity pass you by. In that instance, nobody wins. So give it your best shot, focus on the task at hand and the opportunity you've been given, and don't let your skin distract you from it. smile.png

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